A stumped artist? I have NO idea what I should do?

I enjoy drawing when I have nothing to do, and seeing as it's summertime I've got plenty of time but..
Loss of inspiration ):/
I draw anime, realistic things, people, cars, and mostly use pencil.
Anything that you find interesting that I could draw

Random sketches I did out of boredom today:
A stumped artist??? I have NO idea what I should do..?

I get the whole inspiration and mood thing. I'm just curious to see what other people have done or what they specialize in, etc.


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  • They are really good - Check on the net - Do random surfs to find things that may inspire you to draw lyrics, quotes, lines of poetry, images etc


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  • Holy crap that's awesome if you seek inspiration just listen to music or draw some fan art of anime or shows

  • Decent drawings. You should draw from your inspirations and your mood

    • That's typical for me lol. I guess I disappoint myself because I don't draw too often, except when there's literally nothing to do. Good reminder though.

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  • These are good drawings. I have the same issue when sketching lol, you just have to look around you and find objects that give you a sense of inspiration to draw. Just go out if you have to, find a lake or something, a house, a car, anything that inspires you. Take a picture of them and draw it, or do quick sketches like you did above :)