Why do I feel more shy towards people of the same ethnic background as me?

Around family friends or my sister's friends, I get super shy and I could barely talk. The whole time I'm anxious about leaving. But when it's people of other background, I feel far more confident and sometimes I even do the approaching. I left my hometown with my family when I was in the 3rd grade and in Canada, I don't see too many people from the same background as me. I only have one friend from the same background as me, and she's my closest and best friend. Around her family who are also from my background, I don't feel shy. But around my family's friends, espacially my sister's friends, I feel extremely socially anxious and shy and I want to change that but I dont know how. The family friends are nice people.


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  • That's weird; people are usually more comfortable with the same ethnicity as they are

    • I know! Well to be frank, I've always been shy ever since I was a kid, but around people who aren't my family friends with the same ethnic background, I feel far more calm and relaxed around them. And the think is that people from my background are pretty nice. They're traditional, but they talk and act just like any people in Canada so I don't know whats wrong with me :(

    • There's nothing wrong with you

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  • Usually it is the other way around - Probably because you meet very few from your own race might explain it

  • Ghost, the home is where the heart is and we have hearts unique. Sometimes you just need to get lost before you remember our friend that catches us when you fall.. We have a tie with the little hearts and that will always be. I'm your bestfriend forever and sometimnes it takes a true friend to help us through the 13 was we bleed. I'm here for you in dark times and we do not have to talk about the past tonight. We can just be. The friends we were with our family.

    - Your Angel


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