Do you need an Rx get anti histamines?

If all you people that dont know its its allergy medicine. And before you tell mel you dont need an RX, it gets more complicated than that. I realize there is a variety of brands such as Clartain, Zyetech, Allergera, next to the cough syrup is not behind the counter at the pharamacy. But wait there is more, I have an insurance that covers Anti-histimainte and was given an Rx for the active ingreditent in clarain ( loratadine 10 mg), and to my surprise its covered. But its not clartain its some generic brand not even a store brand, a thrity day supply cost like 7 bucks and it wasn't on the shelf next the cough syup. So does this stuff need an Rx cuz the exact same thing as branded but is over the counter but this is behind the counter. Couldn't you just ask the pharamsit for it and pay out of pocket?


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  • No you can get that over the counter if you live in the USA.

    • even when its behind the counter

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    • i know that but can any random person just get it behind the counter?

    • Yes unless it contains Sudafed or something than you have to be 18 or older.

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  • Go to costco. You can get like 400 pills for 10$. You can even check amazon and get it cheaper than you would paying 7$ a month.


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  • It's a bit hard to tell what you're asking. Here are two responses:

    "Do you need an Rx get anti histamines?" No. And over-the-counter Loratadine is available in generics in the USA (for example).

    "Couldn't you just ask the pharamsit for it and pay out of pocket?" If it's an over-the-counter medicine it doesn't matter where they keep it.

    What was it you were asking? :)

    • loratdine im refereing to is behind the counter

    • Yeah they do that sometimes with some antihistamines because they can be used to manufacture meth. So just ask. :)