Will Apple pay take off?

Or will it fail like google wallet did?

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  • apple pay has the backing of banks and large retailers. And google pay, or whatever the hell they call it, will also have the same backing.

    security concerns are unwarranted cuz they're smart enough to use very strong encryption. Your credit card, which isn't encrypted is less secure.

    Pay by phone is inevitable.

    • Not all banks and retailers. And actually credit cards are encrypted.

    • Here's a very long list of all the banks supporting apple pay. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204916

      Do you really think they're going to allow credit card info to be transmitted via radio waves from the phone to the reader device without very strong encryption. They know it if it was hacked it would be a public relations disaster and the end of apple pay. they're not stupid.

      Keep in mind a long time ago people were afraid to buy things online cuz they were scared their credit card info would be stolen. Now few are worried about that nonsense.

    • Mobile pay is already big in china and we're behind as explained in this video.


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  • I know a person and I think they are already using it.

  • Never a good idea to have a virtual wallet... I mean with this day and age of cyber hacking it's just too much if a risk for people

    • I am a bit scared of the idea of a virtual wallet. Security problems do occur and I don't trust it as of yet. It is not just the Apple one I don't trust either I would not trust any of them from any company.

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    • Yeah... apple will only utilize apple pay. Kinda like the war with hd-dvd and bluray... Toshiba could only make hd-dvd players and Sony licensed out the ability for any company to make a blurry player... that's what tanked hd-dvd... same thing with apple pay if they make it an apple only resource.

    • Yeah in any industry, I think not licensing out patented technology generally only hurts yourself.