What is the feeling of your stomach dropping called?

Okay so I have a best friend named Jessica and Jessica's boyfriends name is tony. Tony is on the football team and VERY close friends with a guy named Jake. Now while Jake was dating his girlfriend , we had an "emotional affair". Tony doesn't know but when Jakes girlfriend found out that Jake had feelings for me she made him cut me off completely at the end if the school year. Its summer so it couldn't have come at a better time because time heals all wounds. Jessica knows everything that happened between me and Jake (nothing physical) anyways today Jessica called and told me that Her Tony Jake and Jake's girlfriend are going on a double date and I almost crapped my pants (not literally). I was doing perfectly fine without being in school seeing Jake in class everyday, I was doing just fine because I wasn't reminded of Jake at all. But, my stomach dropped when Jessica told me that my stomach dropped soooooooo low.😑😑😑😵😵😧. What is this feeling called and why am i feeling like this?

The feeling in my stomach are like butterflies flirting but its the bad butterflies not the good ones. It feels like poisonous butterflies or dead butterflies dripping in the pits of my stomach and my legs started shaking and my hands started sweating and ughhhhhhh. How do I make it stop! Please.


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  • Anxiety or nervousness.


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