I need a refill card. What should I do?

Hello I'm twenty years old, I've recently moved back home with my four year old daughter. I don't start working until next month. My phone just went off yesterday because I couldn't pay it due to an unforeseen occurrence. It probably doesn't sound like much but it is when you no longer have it. I have to get my daughter's shots, take her to the dentist and eye doctor and so much more. I need a refill card. The refill card is at walmart it's straight talk $45 dollar refill. This is embarassing what should I do? I've tried everything. I'm a mom and can't be out here without my phone on.


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  • Very sorry, but you may ask some relative to lend their phone for a call, but your daughters health is more important than a phone.

    i just hope everything goes well for you

  • embarassing or not
    You should do everything for the sake of your child

    • i agree i just have never been in this situation before and it's just frustrating

    • Don't hesitate to go
      Child first, and it's not like it's going to break your 'reputation' or anything

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