Am I overreacting? do you think he was busy?

i know i might be over analyzing/over reacting right now, but i just need som reassurance i guess to my situation.

So i met this guy just over 3 weeks a go on a dating app. He messaged me first and asked me out, i agreed, and we met the same day. He was cute and really nice, acted like a gentleman, and my impression of him was that he a shy, and according to other guys he show a lot of the caracteristics of a shy and/or inexperienced guy.

Anyway, we texted a little after the date, but it took him two weeks to get back in contact. He messaged me saying he was back from holiday and asked how i was doing and when i had time to meet him again. I told him i was leaving on Thursday so i had time on Wednesday. But we hadn't planned anything spesific, so when i didn't hear anything from him i just assumed he didn't have time or something and i was fine with it.. but i got a message from him just now where he told me he didn't have time to meet me today because he had to stay longer at work.

I was completely fine with the situation until he sendt me that message, i guess a part of me sees some similarity with this sitaution that i have had before with other guys, and it didn't go well.. they would pretend they wanted to hang out, or would say they were busy if i asked, and would give me this long explaination to why they couldt meet me or sometimes even take hours to reply... why am i overrreacting, if you think i do?


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  • It's hard to tell if this is what's happening here. Regardless if this is the case, you can't control this. Stay positive and if he's pretending then that's his loss. You don't want a guy that can't man up and be straightforward.

    • thats is true...

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    • The logic to me was your past experience.

    • i guess.. he keeps telling me he wants to see me.. so maybe he was busy...

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  • It is early days - You might be overreacting


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