Would you hold it against someone if you were being dis-included because of your association with them?

These crowd of kids hated me, and then I always had this one friend I’d be with, who they were polite too, without being too friendly. They got increasingly friendly to her once I moved away.

When I ran into her, she seemed sort of distant. At a point in time she said rudely, ‘you were telling one of MY pals blah blah blah.’

She could’ve easily just used the person’s name, seriously who does that?

I couldn’t figure out why she was acting so lame, and then later on I was like…I think once I moved they started including her so now she thinks they’re a team.

Ha ha.

Those kids wouldn’t give her a second look if some mishap had happened and I know it.


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  • I'd be happy to help but it's hard to tell what you're asking. :) Could you maybe ask a different way? :)

    • Sort of like, let's say you're friends with someone and hang around with them, but because other people don't like that person, they also stay away from you.

      When those people did start to 'accept' you, would you hate the person who you were with before? Sort of like blame them for others not accepting you.

      This girl I know, I noticed they're so much nicer to her than me because she's a bit of a suck up.

      I, on the other hand, am the furthest thing from a suck up that one can be.

    • I know what you mean now. It's a tough situation.

      I think you know what's right here. And I think you've been behaving responsibly and thoughtfully, even when people close to you might not have.

      Doing what you believe to be good and right is always the best policy, I think. Maybe your friend will see a better way, at some point. Good luck and take care. :)

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