If a guy gives you this treatment as though he’s afraid of you sticking to him?

I ironically wasn’t sticking to him, I had just done the mistake of thinking we could be friends. I think he thought that I’d follow him around if he was nice so he just decided to be an ass.

Which I don’t get, because that’s usually something girls do, but what can I expect from a guy who is pettier than a girl?


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  • Sounds like guy misread your intentions and thought you liked him


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  • Maybe your behaviour annoys him?

    • Okay, I talked to him literally ONCE, and have since been indifferent to him.
      I’ve also not been responsive at all to him if he’s rude and asked me to move or something.
      This one time that I ask a question and glance at him, he looked SO pissed.
      I think he thought I asked that question ot get his attention.

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    • Part of the reason I'm not, isn't because I like him so much. Is because I know he judges/used to look down on me and that gave me a complex.

    • He may be ugly but you still like him