What do you think of economic segregation in the U. S?

If you have any examples of how bad / nonexsistent it is then please write them below?

Here's my example, I live in New York and and 2 of the biggest highschool in the state are within a 15 mile radius of me. School X is ranked the 3rd best high school in the County, and 7 miles away is School Y which is the worst highschool in the County. The first school is surrounded by huge mansions and the school itself is beautiful. The other school is surrounded by houses no bigger 2500 sq ft. Its a georgous school due to the amount of people donating and volunteering to try and make more people attend school. But I think just because the people near School X have more money doesn't mean they deserve a better education then the people near School Y.


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  • Property taxes pay for schools. Aka parents pay for their kidw education. If you're poor dont have kids.


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  • Well, you get what you pay for.
    If a parent wants to spend thousands of dollars on sending their kid to Lawrenceville (where i wanted to attend), then so be it.
    The fact of the matter is, not everyone is given equal opportunity from the get go, and thats alright.
    We must, however, remember that when applying to a university, your high-school usually doesn't matter. We may all not be born with equal living situations, but we all have an equal ability to achieve success and make the absolute most out of what we have.
    Im sure there are some kids that go to school X and all they want to do is become a firefighter or a construction worker. However, im also sure there are kids that go to school Y who want to become doctors.

    Its not the education you are given. Its the education and success you earn that makes the difference between a Princeton student and a high-school drop-out.

  • Unfortunately money talks in this world


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