If someone has this ‘just LEAVE her,’ attitude towards you?

As in, let’s say you’re sad, they’re thinking, why should I ruin my fun because of HER?

Do they think you’re being sad for attention?

I was crying at a point and stubbornly refusing to move, and my illiterate, (well practically) uncle said, ‘AYY sister, if she wants to do all this, let her do all this, don’t ruin our trip.’

He actually had the guts to say that.

It got me wondering, are these people seriously heartless or just selfish?


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  • Some people can be very selfish alright

  • I usually find out what the problem is first, before I judge. If it turns out to be something trivial and she's inconsolable over it then "just leave her" will probably be my attitude as well.

    • You know the funny part? He was well aware who the culprit was, yet he sucks up to her because he knows she can provide value to his son.

      Moreover, in any situation, if someone was upset, if you can't help the situation don't hurt it.

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