If a woman didn't see you as a threat, wy would she be rdue to you?

I don't think she thought her boyfriend to be liked me, if anything I think she thought I was a moron for thinking I had a shot, and that if he did like someone he'd go for an entirely different type of girl.

So I didn't get why she was never rude in a smirking sort of way, but mostly in a mean way.

I didn't DO anything to her...


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  • When someone feels threatened they are irrational


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  • You don't have to do anything to people like her for her to not like you. If you're better then her in one department, then she becomes jealous and mean towards you.

    • The first time i met her I was really cool and confident. Then I detoriated into a blubbering fool.

      I wonder if a part of her still sees the cool side in me.

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