What do you think of Windows 10 ? I need some advice please?

Currently i'm using Windows 7 and i'm confused because i want to change it because but i like it so much. I didn't like Windows 8 or 8.1 they were the worst in microsoft's history, and now i'm about to buy a new laptop but i'm afraid that i won't like the new Windows 10 or that i can't download some apps on it.
please tell me what do you think?

What do you think of Windows 10 ?? i need some advice please?


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  • I wouldn't upgrade from 7 to 10. I am keeping my Windows 7 computer and upgrading another I have 8.1 on cause I think the way it works as an OS sucks.

    • so are you telling me that i should keep my Windows 7?

    • That is my recommendation as an IT professional yes.

    • cool :) <3

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  • I'm currently using it because I want to get ready for the future "gaming future" the start menu is better than 8 I can tell you that no more starting in tiles just straight desktop if you have a laptop or another pc you can demo it with windows insider program

    • i heard that you can't use mozilla firefox, google chrome and some other apps on it. is it true? like you are forced to use Internet Explorer because you have no other choice.

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