How do you know if a toe is broken?

So long story short I fell. I'm super clutzy and fall a lot, so I know what it feels like to get hurt. But I've never felt this before? Like a numb but sharp pain and my poor toe is all swollen. Been soaking in Epsom salt to no avail. How do I know if it's broken or just bruised?


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  • Sounds like it might be broken. Depending on the fracture you can actually touch it and feel whether the bone is broken (be very gentle!). I once broke my toe and your description sound pretty similar to what I went through. I advise you to go to the doctor and let him make an x-ray. And one more word of caution: don't put any body weight on that toe. Try to walk as though you didn't have your toe. If the bone is broken (especially if it's completely broken) and you put weight on your toe, the part that is not properly attached anymore might move a bit and then your bone can't nicely grow back together anymore.


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  • Are you screaming in pain right now? In any case it's always best to be safe than sorry and simply get an xray of some sort

  • You'd be on the floor crying

    • I was for a few minutes actually. But I don't like crying over pain so I got up and hopped to the sink to soak. The freezer was to far away haha

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    • Yeah, it's probably just misplaced and needs to be popped back in. It'll feel a little uncomfortable to do it, but no pain (if done correctly)

    • Ok I'll see what I can do, thanks!

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