Has anyone ever felt upset/angry at a groceries store, when seeing people buy expensive foot items with food stamps?

I went to a butcher shop to buy some pork shoulders to smoke for this up coming 4th of July weekend. The family infront of me were taking a while because they wanted to purchase all this meat with several of their food stamps. I wasn't upset about waiting but then, when I walked up to pay the guy asked me EBT? Sorry I meant Debit or Credit.
I just smiled and told him "Debit, please... be nice if I could buy it on EBT" paid and left. When I sat in my car I just realized... they just purchased tons of meat and steaks with food stamps. I was 50/50 between annoyed and trying to be rational. I was upset that they were buying expensive food with my tax money then the other half of me felt... well the government spends my money on politicians and other stupid shit, plus who am I to judge what other people buy.

I guess it all goes back to my days working retail when I would see less fortunate families use their food stamps benefits for Soda and Junk food. I wish it was more like the WIC system (Woman, Infants and Children). Where it may only be reemdeemed for actually nutriton based items, such as beans, rice, milk, veggiess est. Do fast food companies lobby politicians to allow potatoe chips, to be purchased with food stamps? Guess its more of a rant just upset, but guess if I were on goverment benefits I wouldn't bash an eyebrow over buying overly priced steaks or junk food with tax payers money. I'm not judging or being an elitest, I came from a single mother house hold... I know what it is to eat food shelter food and Meant that is in a white can Labeled "Pork", "Beef".


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  • Actually wouldn't by whole foods like real meat be the realty food choice?
    But they don't limit why they can get because in many poverty stricken areas they don't have access to grocery stores and have to shop at convenience stores for their meals. That's how my mom grew up, they could only go to the store once a week and if they didn't have enough they had to go to the local convenience store.

    But anyway I don't really get mad I know there are enough poverty stricken people that legitimately need food stamps, so I'm not annoyed. So many kids (like my dad) wouldn't have gotten lunch (or lunch and dinner) if they hadn't been given food stamps.


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  • its welfare ok you can't be against social aid just cause of an annoyance or whatever


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  • You are completely right. The government has been a crutch for the lazy and dumb (now some people are in need of it, but many are not). Back in the day food stamps were large obvious slips of paper, this made people embarrassed to use them. Now they are a discrete credit card like thing.

    • Why do u want people to feel shame using food stamps? No need to sound fascist.

    • Well it used to be like that because when they felt ashamed or embarrassed they would be pressured to work harder so they could stop using them.

  • Do u not consider meat a healthy food item?

    There are way more things to get upset about, then someone buying rib eye steak on 4th of July weekend on food stamps.

    No need to feel ownership and tyrannical control over someone, because they are on government assistance.

    Why so angry?

    • Not angry... just when it comes down to it... i'm paying for it with my taxes.

    • Yea so what? U don't want fellow Americans to enjoy the birthday of this nation being independent?

      Once the allotment of monies is made for that person's food stamps, they can spend it however they wish!