How long have you gone without upsetting someone?

Now I know this might sound trivial. But think about it for a sec. You probably upset countless people on a daily basis. Arguments they r the source of this malice. Imagine how much easier it is to simply just satisfy the person as opposed to winning the argument. Yea at first it seems like ur succumbing. Like you r defeated. But there is a power in this. You avoid conflict. You keep people happy all the while you can simply just do as you see fit.

A story: A master architect was selected to build a wondrous town hall. Upon its completion many people rejoiced in its design, complementing the architect on its beauty. Yet the mayor was unsettled. He claimed the foundation seemed unstable and that the second floor would collapse on the first. The archtect knew the building was structurally sound yet upon the mayors inquiries he began to build to massive pillars that would further support the second floor. Years later the maintenance crew was servicing these pillars and found that they stopped just a few centimetres before the ceiling.

Hope you enjoyed 😏


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  • At least two or three days and still going strong! I've only had contact with four people over those days and none of us fought at all.

    • Impressive. I'm trying to go a whole week. It's pretty tough tho. Also lol why r u camping out in isolation?

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    • Lol you're an interesting girl Allyssa.

    • Yes, you've said that before lol. I can't help it, really. If I start talking I just keep going...

  • It's like you read my mind with this question. I was just thinking about it. Lately it seems nothing I say or do makes my boyfriend happy. I'll say my day is fine and he flips out. Conflict


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