Can u mention the name of GAGer , who answer almost every question of yours?

Missnowhere... for me


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  • That's easy he answers almost every question on gag @klaatu51

    • Really? Lately i answer way less

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    • Yeah Klaatu51 you might have slowed down for a little but we all know the potential you have for getting in on every question lol

    • @red_arrow @anon1999
      some reasons...
      - i've got many unredeemed points and i wanna get rid of 'em. postin here more would make me gather even more points which means, i'll never b able 2 redeem 'em all.
      - i wanna save my rep somehow. postin 1k/opinions per day would destroy it. not only dat but some people r gonna block me for postin not-so-hlepful advice (happened a few times)
      - i need some rest as well

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