How to disprove this guy's claim of car damage?

So I was pulling forward out of a parking space and this guy in another car parked behind me pulls forward and won't move so I can get out. So I get out of the car to tell him to move cuz he's super close and this asshole is claiming that I hit his car and points to the front of his car where part of the front is loose but I couldn't have possibly done it cuz our cars barely touched. He was very aggressive and everytime I tried to settle it calmly he was blaming me for things and he took a picture of my license plate and wants to accuse me of backing into his car. What should I do? I did not do any damage to his car and even if I did it would have been his fault, how can I disprove this? HELP!!!


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  • please tell me you took pictures of his car as well, they will investigate the claim.

    there is no way his front hood should be out of place if you just barely love tapped it.

    • No, I didn't get to take pictures of his car unfortunately :(

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    • ok, thank you so much! I will do this. I have a feeling this guy just wants the front of his car done for free :O

    • that could very well be the case, people are snakes these days.

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  • i will miss you love2run13


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