Is there anyone who is into interior design and can help me?

I have gray bedding with green undertones and just recived a very dark gray rug with blueish undertones. I was going to put them by eachother but I dont know if that will look good or not? is there anything I can do with the rug to make match better?


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  • How the rest of the room is put together will have a big impact on that, but the most generic answer would be to tie in the colour of the rug to the bed using a few decorative pillows or an extra blanket folded across the bottom of the bed or something like that, something that tie the colours together more directly.

    It would be tricky to get wall art that has both undertones matched well enough to tie them together that way, I usually find it easier to go the other way around... I tend to get the rug last and have it be the piece that helps tie other elements together. Though things like pillows and curtains also work really well for that.


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  • I actually do this but it would depend on things like the lighting in the room and I'd have to see the patterns. But no matter because I am not helping.


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