How can I discover my talent?

I have no fcking idea what I'm good at. I'm 22 and still in search of my forte. How does an individual go about discovering what he/she is gifted in? I want to be known for being habile in a particular field instead of being a nondescript nobody.


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  • Rather than focusing on so much "what is my talent" you should rather focus on "what do i enjoy doing."

    You're 22, you're still very young and have plenty of time to get to know yourself.

    Advice: Don't be afraid of failure, it builds character and perseverance. I know this is cliche' advice but it's repeated for a reason. If you do fail, rather than think "i regret..." think "what did i do wrong and how can i improve next time?" It can only get better.

    • Thanks for the advice friend, but I'm kind of searching for something I'm instinctively and naturally proficient at. Without the need for practice or to learn from past failures. As a failure already indicates that I'm not particularly good at what that is that I'm doing.

    • " I'm instinctively and naturally proficient at."

      My step dad is an engineer and he was state champion at ping pong for years and years and can still beat me with ease.. however he doesn't enjoy it like he used to. However... he's been mountain biking for about 5 years now and is terrible at it but he gets better everyday. He enjoys Mountain biking much better even given his lack "natural talent" at it.

      "As a failure already indicates that I'm not particularly good at what that is that I'm doing."
      - it's something you have to accept may happen given your first baby steps into anything you do. When he first road his Mountain bike, he fell.. A lot but he liked it and continues to keep at it today.

      When i first played tennis i was pretty bad and i kept at it and have been playing for 10 years.

      When i first tried surfing.. i was bad and i kept at it until i caught a wave. After that, i sold board and never surfed again but it taught me that i can finish something and when i do i l

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  • Have you taken this personality test?

    It's spot on for me.

    • Took the quiz, and results returned that I'm an INFJ. An unerring description of me throughout. What's your personality type?

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    • The description says that ISFJs aren't particularly picky about what personality types they make friends with, at least not initially, but because they prefer so strongly to avoid conflict and miscommunication, most of their friends end up being fairly similar FJ types.

      Thinking types are simply too critical, and Prospecting types too unreliable to really be able to provide, and receive, the kind of support and affinity ISFJs look for. I think this is so darn true for me, which is why you could see how many friends I have on here for example, since a lot of GAGers fall into the "TP" types and not "FJ" types.

      So far MOST "TP" types on here don't make me feel secure with them although they might be very nice people, to be honest. I find it hard to trust them and without trust, nothing could happen. Trust is the foundation of all kinds of human relationships.

    • I think "I Needn't Feel Jealous" would be a more suitable personality nickname for you then. Haha! :-P :-D

  • if you dont know what you are good at.. then probably you are good at nothing..

    • Nah, you're wrong here. Everyone has a perticular innate gift that they are born with, be it a useful or usefuless skill. That's what I searching for, to uncover mine.

    • you are certainly not good at finding talent.. think about school.. were you good or best at something?

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  • I turned 24 before I realized *all* of my favorite books involve some sort of journey, and I became a truck driver, and 28 when i realized that most of them (my favorite books... and movies) involved aircraft and starships (not to mention the countless hours on Wikipedia looking up aircraft of every description), and thusly realized I'm supposed to be a pilot (I start flight school next spring, if allgoes according to plan).

    Soooo... what kinds of books and movies doyou gravitate toward?

    • Self-help books on love. But I don't think my calling is to be an author. I occassionally write in my free time nonetheless. As for the thoughts in my head, they usually gravitate towards the profound purpose of creation and life, things outside my control. Spiritual topics I would say.

    • Some sort of theologist, or maybe a priest?

  • Just keep exploring different things and you may find what you are good at

  • Can you play any instruments? Can you sing? Can you dance? Are you good in any classes?

    • None of those you mentioned above.

    • You'll figure it out dude?

    • Well, upon deeper evaluation of myself, I've to to realize that I possess a cornucopia of words in my mental vocabulary bank. I'm just not sure if I should acknowledge that as a substantial talent or not.

  • You've none.

    • I got pretty much what I needed from your opinion simply by identifying your profile name.
      But just to be polite, I should thank you anyway for your opinion I suppose. LIke I'll ask this question if I haven't already figured out the obvious that I have none up to this moment.

    • Men do many great things without the inherent talent to do them.

      You should be asking yourself "What do I want to do, and how can I acquire the skills necessary?" instead of hoping that somehow your life falls together.

      Men like you are afraid of Power and Choice.