Why can I not update or get anymore apps on my iPhone?

So it keeps saying payment failed for a previous purchase but I have not tried to buy anything. The game I tried to buy months ago I bought and there was no issue since then I know I have no money on my card an there wasn't anything I wanted.

i use a lot of free apps. I play the Kim K game but now I can't update it or anything. Along with other social media apps which is a real pain for me. It's stopped me from playing it now too.

Its not even saying what previous purchase failed. Like if there was a fail it would say you tried to get this and there was no money. But no there's nothing so it just seems like a dumb error maybe?


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  • Have you run out of memory perhaps?

    • No checked an got lots left an not long had the phone. It's nothing to do with memory as I am only trying to update

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    • You should probably ask Apple about this one.

    • Lol yeah thanks though I appreciate your help

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