Any advice for a freshman girl going into college?

I'm going of to college soon and I wanted to know if there was any advice you guys had for me? What kind of things should I be aware of? How do I not look like an embarassing freshman? How do I meet people and find friends? What if I hate my roomate or she's really weird? What kind of relationship should I have with my RA? How do I get a good reputation? How do I play the field without looking like a slut? Should I be careful about getting invovled with upperclassmen or frat boys? Will they even try to persue me anyways? And of they do is it just for easy sex? How do I avoid the freshman 15? How do I not look dumb at the gym while trying to avoid the freshman 15? As you can see I'm clueless.


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  • If you are an attractive girl, watch out for the frat boys. Just look at what has happened to some unsuspecting girls at fraternity parties. Even if you make one mistake, it's all over the Internet the next morning.

    You will be extremely vulnerable to being used. They know you are clueless and will make all efforts to snare the freshman women.

    Concentrate on your curriculum and get to know people before you go out with them. It's wise to go out in groups of just girls or guys together, but NEVER be out alone. The campus wolves are prowling and if they spot you by yourself, they will bring on the charm machine.

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  • As a professor, I see a new group every year. You're nervous, not sure what to expect, and probably even excited. First thing - try to relax and keep your wits about you. Be polite, but not overly so. Try to build a good relationship with your RA if you can; they can get you out of sticky spots in a pinch. Give yourself some time to adjust before you move into dating mode. I've seen rushed 1st week relationships and have had to try to help pick up the pieces by the time midterms roll around. Avoid the upperclassmen until you know how things work at your school; if you're attractive, you're likely to get chased. Remember you're there for an education that will last the rest of your life; relationships come and go, but what you learn you'll carry with you forever. Good luck!

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  • Don't do bad things.*

    *Your experience may differ.


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