When are all those FEMINISTS registering for the DRAFT?

So if gender equality is important, why don't women have to register for the draft?

When are all those FEMINISTS registering for the DRAFT??


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  • The draft... I'm not a hardcore feminist, but I would have no problem registering for draft. If it meant my country needed me on such a level then I would. This is where feminism begins to backfire on men. Feminists realize that they're forgetting their goal of trying to earn equal respect from men--and there will always be things that women are required to do that men can't do, and vice versa.
    The only reason why women didn't get drafted back in the world war days is cause they were needed to look after children and family-just to be mothers. No matter how capable a woman can be, she needs to look after her children. I'm not saying that women shouldn't be drafted at all-- but you're talking every eligible citizen in the country entering war. That would probably only happen in times of serious crisis.

    • We still require all men to register for the draft. When needed, they are gathered up. We did it in Viet Nam at the height of the women's Lib movement. There are a lot of things that men have to put up with that the feminist movement has conveniently neglected to ask for or give up. Registering for the draft is a prominent one.
      I agree with you on the point that we each have roles and things that are traditional AND cannot be handled by the other.

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    • no, it was always the same... it wasn't equal wages, it has always been about anger. Look at my age... I remember it. And you know what... women had it a lot better back then. I think they were happier too. People treated a woman with deference, opened doors for them, watched their language around them... overall treated them as a better class of human. Most women did not work but a woman could if she wished. Since most didn't work, there were more jobs and a man was payed to support the whole household. It was a better place in a lot of ways.

    • Yeah. I learned about it recently. I guess people should stop fretting. I'd like to keep the peace in this country for as long as possible :/ You made a good point though :)

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  • Because I'll bet most of them would be conscientious objectors. Plus, society hasn't quite hot to the stage whereby a man, a normal man drafted, not a soldier, would view a woman as a soldier and treat her as such.

    I'm pretty sure a lot of men would find a way not to be drafted, as a lot of women would.

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    • Well people didn't like it. Kennedy sent us to viet nam while sitting fat and happy with the upper classes on Martha's vinyard. No no one liked it. BUT we still register. My son is registered. If we go to war, or if they want the men for something else (civil police functions) they can call them. The point is not whether the draft is a good idea. It is a question of why a boy must have to sign his life away and a woman doesn't need to.

    • You signed him up? Jesus Christ. You're happy for him to die for nothing?

      You are missing a small issue though, you start sending all the women off too then when a huge amount of your population die in battle, there are no women of child bearing age left. Your country dies. Unless your boy grows himself a womb then you have to accept the fact he is more suited there and she here. Men and women ARE different. Plenty of women would sign up, I'm sure it would surprise everyone how many women are willing to stand side by side to protect the men of their country but in was we are a commodity and can be a risk. Simple fact, a lot of men would protect a woman before a man and you can't have soldiers doing that.

  • As a socialist feminist I don't think anyone should be drafted into the military

    • but there is a registration for the draft. As a feminist will you share the same risk as my son?

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  • The Draft that hasn't been used in 50 years? Come on. It's an archaic system that probably wouldn't even, if enacted, recruit half of the people it's supposed to due to disuse and more stringent requirements to even enter the army. You can't, for instance, join if you are mentally ill but you still have to fill out a draft card. It's a worthless practice.

    • They said the same thing before the Viet Nam draft... "they haven't drafted since WWII"... and look what happened...

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    • @GirlScoutsRevenge such rudeness. The first feminist article I posted to was today and then this take. I am actually in my 60's. In terms of my late wife. No she was not a lesbian.
      So you are what represents a woman in today's america? It is disappointing. I hope your attitude and intelligence aren't representative of other women. But they are representative of your lack of education and intelligence. You do well represent the decline of our species. Quite well, I'd say.

    • @Opinion owner. If you want to discuss the draft, son we can do it on a different question that is talking about the draft and not feminism. I dont really have an interest in educating you, I dont see what you gain from it either. Registering for the draft is a risk and threat to a young man. It is not one that a woman shares. That is the point.

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