Should the male gender be socially scorned and hated on by the world just because of the small percentage of them committing a negativty against the?

opposite gender (such as sexist discrimination, r@pe, murder, etc.)?

Like, should I have to suffer an unfair double standard just because other men's horrendous actions? What if your father, brother or son was suffering from so much irritating stress from society to the point of suicide?

  • Yes, men make up the majority of sex crimes and homicide, therefore, there should be double standards against them. It's better to be safe than sorry.
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  • No, it's pointless, retarded and a waste of time. We all have fathers, brothers and sons that we love very dearly and don't want them to unfairly suffer for the past or for other people's actions.
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  • Depends.
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  • OK, blacks make up the vast majority of violent crimes. Should we double down and talk about how we should protect whites from "those violent blacks?"

    No. We look at their situation, try to work on the underlying issues, and speak out against people who would assume blacks are violent, or those who would blame them for violent cultures. It would be racist to cross the street just because the approaching man is black. It would be racist to say "You don't know what it's like to walk the streets in fear. You are black. You are usually the perpetrator." because we understand that for one, most of this violence is black on black, with blacks being the majority victims.

    Now take the stats on men. Men are also most of the perpetrators of violence. The violence is mostly male-on-male, with men being some 80% victims of homicides, muggings, and generalized assaults.

    Yet we tell men "You don't know what it's like to walk the streets in fear" despite that a man is more likely to be assaulted in this way. If it is dating or sex, I could understand.

    We talk about how male violence stems from male privilege and entitlement.

    We spread images that say "Would you take an M&M knowing 1 in 10 of them are poisoned? Pick one. After all, not all M&M are poisoned." There is literally no other group you could say that about.

    Basically, it's like in the movies. Once you have established a hero and a villain, it doesn't matter what either does. If they do the exact same good and bad deeds:
    A bad deed by the hero is a mistake, or in the service of justice.
    A good deed by a hero is heroic.
    A bad deed by the villain is because he was just born evil.
    A good deed by the villain is suspicious. He is just tricking you.

    This is what I don't like about trying to apply overarching story lines to actual gender issues. It colors how we view everything.


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  • I would disregard this sort of thing. Both genders of humanity have equal amounts of imperfection. I'd love a perfect society but this is just not how it works, and I would never blame the entirety of the male gender for something only a percentage of them commit. If females had the upper hand in this world, things would be just as bad and crime would be just as possible. Since men naturally have the upper hand (which I have no objection over) they are more capable of this sort of thing. I try to see the good in everyone and I don't think anyone is beyond mercy. It's wrong for innocent individuals to be blamed for the crimes of others, regardless of who or what they are.

    • Spot on response.

    • Pretty much. I know it's uncommon as it socially sounds judging by reports alone but I would hate if someone just lets me get killed by a female killer just because of our genders not fitting in the stereotypes.

  • Accountability is not the same as blame. If the wind blew your glass door open and it shattered, it wouldn't be your fault but you'd still have to clean up the mess.

    • So are you implying that women should have less accountibility/responsibility than men for committing the same exact crimes, despite all of the bitching about not being taken seriously as adults and not having enough "equality"?

    • No. We are all accountable.

    • Oh okay.

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  • Not this again.

  • Only the white men