Okay, which language should I try to start learning over this summer?

This is my final question about this. I already wasted a month trying to decide. Those are the ones I'm actually willing to learn. If I decide upon one, I'll go sign up for a class or something.

Please don't suggest Spanish just because it's useful in the USA. I don't live in that side of the ocean.

1) Spanish

Reason to learn: Commonly used, sounds cool

How fluent: Can pick up basic things

How much I want to learn: 3.5/5

2) Modern Greek

Reason to learn: Actual desire to learn, roots in Greece, sounds cool

How fluent: No more than 7-8 words

How much I want to learn: 5/5

3) Swedish

Reason to learn: Already started, sounds cool, Sweden is cool & I want to move there

How fluent: Det är en krabben

How much I want to learn: 4/5

  • Spanish
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  • Greek
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  • Swedish
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  • Go to the language you have the actual desire to Learn. Pick Greek.


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  • Swedish judging by your reasons it ticks both the practical and enjoyable boxes for you

  • Spanish is by far the most useful of those, especially if you live int he US. I would say Swedish next, a cool language and a popular country. I would avoid modern Greek, not sure how much longer that will be of any use given the current situation there...

    • I just realized I ranked these in backwards order from you haha I suppose we have different priorities in learning a second language.

      I am fluent in German, very very useful language to know.

    • I appreciate your opinion, but it's very annoying that you said "if you live in the US". I especially added that I do NOT live in the US to avoid Americans recommending it because it's common in their country.

    • I suppose I skimmed over that bit, the way it is set up the bullet points draw the eye, still my fault on that. And I am American, but I live in the UK and have been all around Europe, I know Spanish is not a big deal here, but over all, regardless of not being in the US, I think it is still the most practical language on this list.

  • Learn the language that will actually be useful to you. Being bilingual is a huge asset when looking for work.

    • I'm already bilingual. English is my second language

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