80s music poll: Favorite album by Red Box/James/Fuzzbox/Stone Roses/Bodines?

Various pop or pop-rock bands active in da late 80s…. either had big success like Stone Roses or James (in da 90s mostly)…or minor success.

My personal favs here would b Red Box’s album “The Circle & The Square” and Fuzzbox’s album Big Bang :D


  • The Circle And The Square (Red Box)
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  • Stutter (James)
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  • Strip-Mine (James)
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  • Bostin' Steve Austin (Fuzzbox)
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  • Big Bang (Fuzzbox)
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  • The Stone Roses (Stone Roses)
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  • Played (Bodines)
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  • i think that is a good song so is Danger Zone, Footloose, and tons more. I do not know if they are from the 80's but i like them


What Guys Said 1

  • Has to be Stone Roses

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