Battlefront Reboot?

I got into the closed alpha on Pc and I have to say that it plays like call of duty spawning in front of enemies, no teamwork, people pretending to be Rambo etc I would recommend waiting or spending your money elsewhere oh and the single player mode is basically a horde mode with storm troopers jump troopers just spawning

And theirs cod like killstreaks


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  • i agree...


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  • I have doubts both about what you said and about the game, but instead of pre-ordering it I'm just going to wait I imagine that like battlefield hard line they will probably have a open beta before the release. So I will try it then, until that time I am reluctant to believe anything said by fans because the alpha rules are very strict and your not supposed to reveal anything.

    I admit though it probably will have that familiar feel to it, that is probably unavoidable.

    • I can say things about it but not show any pictures or videos

    • Ah I see, well my point still stands until I see actual gameplay footage and see for myself.

  • I'm going to go right ahead and doubt you ever got your hands on an alpha copy/download. Why? Because of the lack of detail you've given and the way you've just hated on an ALPHA version of the game.

    Battlefront is nowhere near like COD... it's made by the same people who did Battlefield, so it's far likely to play like that.

    • I did I got into the pre alpha and the gameplay is mixed with cod you die far more quickly and spawn near or next to enemies and you have kill streaks

    • Actually alpha invites were sent earlier this week so its possible he got in.

    • I did get in I'm here to warn you guys about the crap we are going to get if you love cod go on ahead and buy it but if you're looking for a battlefront game then you should rent it before buying it

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