Are most of us not satisfied with all of our physical features?

I'll start out with myself. I'm generally ok my physical features but if there is one thing that I would trade any day is having very straight hair. I can't stand wavy curls. That's the only thing I don't like. There was time I would use an iron 3 times a week.

Other examples:
My mother hating her natural ginger reddish hair and dying it black, brown and finally blond during all her life starting when she turned 15. In my mind, I was like ''Mom are you crazy, that's very hard to get and you don't like it''?

A couple shorter female friends wishing they had grown to at least 5'4 or like me at 5'7.

A natural straight haired female co-worker wishing she had wavy curls. I couldn't believe that. Someone with an easier hair to handle wishing to have my complicated hair!!

That's the only thing I don't like about myself: wavy hair.


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  • I wish I had a bigger dick & balls


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  • I have a bit of a stutter that gets to me sometimes

  • Unfortunately women aren't satisfied with my physical appearance

    • Overall I'm fine but the wavy hair is annoying. If I had straight hair (as straight as the chinese girls), it would be easier to handle and would take less time to grow.

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  • we always want something better. i'm fine with mine