Jesus take the wheel. A Carrie Underwood song about faith or poor road safety?

I just heard this on the radio and I am puzzled as to what the song is about but what I gathered was a young single mother who was living an "unchristian" lifestyle sets out to vist her parents at Christmas during a blizzard with her baby along for the ride, its a long journey and she takes her eye off the road and there is an on coming lorry or something, so instead of trying to avoid the lorry she tskes her hands off the stering wheel snd asks Jesus to take the wheel. Basically I can't work out from the song if jesus did the driving and got the silly woman and her child out of trouble or took mother and child directly to heaven?

  • song about faith
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  • song about poor road safety
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  • song about how even a whore single mother can be saved
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  • HAHAHA I always saw it that way. I know it is not her intentions, but I see it as how people let faith steer their lives, even down bad paths, when they have the ability to choose these things and help themselves.

    • To answer you though, I think you interpreted it the ways he meant spot on. Jesus is driving her to heaven.

  • Women drivers, eh? ;)