Why do some Irish oppose a United Ireland?

Why wouldn't the Northern Irish oppose leaving Great Britian?


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  • Well apparently Northern Ireland costs a great deal in terms of security and doesn't contribute that much.

    In 2012, it cost £20 to run and made £9bn. www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/.../...wn-28779242.html

    Ireland still hasn't recovered. Our government is raising taxes left, right and centre for 'frivolous things' like water and cutting the 'silly things', you know, like supports for rape victims (Obviously I think our government are bas***ds). The idea of taking on a struggling part of the UK isn't appealing and may not actually be doable.

    Secondly, many in Northern Ireland don't want to join us so why would we force them? (Many of them are Protestant like Britain while Ireland is Catholic. That isn't the main issue as some Protestants want a United Ireland some Catholics don't though.) Many in Northern Ireland identify as British and want to stay and a majority of the politicians in NI are 'Unionist' (meaning they want to maintain the Union with Britain). Some just don't think it's worth the bother either way and want to keep things pretty much as they are. I'm pretty sure that everyone here has signed up to a deal that basically means that no one can force the issue but just wait and let the people of Northern Ireland decide.

    Thirdly, in the previous century, the Troubles cost the lives of plenty of people and it took a long time to get past that and the issue still occasionally comes up. The troubles lasted 30 years and 3 and a half thousand people died and 45,000 were injured so bringing it all up again isn't that appealing.

    If you want to find out more on why the Northern Irish don't want a united Ireland, you're probably best looking way back into the past back to the partition of Ireland as the Republic became Independent (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Partition_of_Ireland) and the plantations of Ireland back in the 1600s (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plantation_of_Ulster) which basically involved the English invading and colonizing us. Hence, our love of beating them in rugby.

    Wikipedia isn't the best source obviously but it's the morning and I'm tired so I can only look so much.


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  • Because the south dont want our problems. The southern government is corrupt and does what ever britain says anyway. Anyway half of northern Ireland are prodestant loyalist irishmen and dont want to leave. North and south are united in Europe as members of the EU.

    • "The southern government is corrupt and does what ever Britain says anyway"

      @Asker, this is what is known in Ireland as 'complete bol!#x'.

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    • Charles Haughey and Bertie Ahern were very good at accepting breifcases fullbof money for unknown services to private gentlemen. In any other country that is called corruption.
      So the southern government should the germans, English, french and the rest of the EU has given Ireland a rather substantial amount of money to save them from going under, the republic didn't have to take the money. Ecconomic collapse aside its all the fault of corrupt politicians in the south who based the whole econmy on house building to fill their pockets. If you southerners want real change for the better stop voting for the devil you know fina foil, fina gael and labour. Time to give sinn feinn a chance.

    • Two corrupt politicians doesn't mean the countries whole system is corrupt. UK has the same corrupt politicians just with higher sums of money being involved. Also, the electoral system in the UK (with First past the post) is flawed, many of the people in government come from the same few wealthy schools and our constitution is better meaning we actually get referendums (like the Lisbon Treaty and the Gay Marriage referendum). My point is that democracy in Ireland is, in some ways, ahead of the UK.

      I do think you're right there. I'm tired of Fine Gael and FF basically doing the same thing and Labour doing sfa. I am considering voting Sinn Féin. My Dad was raised in England and even he is considering voting for him which is a shock to him but it's down more to austerity policies rather than corruption. If Sinn Fein was in government for a few years, I'm sure they'd attract corruption too.

  • Uniting Ireland with northern ireland? Most of them would rather die before letting that happen.

    As for being part of the UK, well, they kinda depend on it. Scotland already tried and confirmed this.

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