Why under TOPICS on GaG is almost everyone white?

Why under TOPICS on GaG is almost everyone white? Under the category of "Friends" there seem to be two people of color. I guess you could argue the girl under "Sexual Behavior" is not white. Otherwise, everyone is portrayed as white.


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  • -shakes head-

    • Shaking your head in disapproval I see.

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    • I think it is interesting. I bet if most of the people on Topics were Black, Asian, or Indian, for example, people would assume it was a site for them. It is interesting that whiteness is considered universal and unproblematic, unlike other races.

    • I personally think your just thinking about it to much, especially since it's just random picture they found on the internet, I mean there are only two white people in the photo -shrugs-

      It's not race specific site it's for all races, all colors, though there is a Indian version of this site.

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  • I just checked to verify.

    Give me some time. My eyes need to adjust after being blinded by all that white.

    And isn't a good portion of the people on this site colored in some way? I understand when it is a site like "Welcome to Norway!" But people on this site are pretty varied.

    • Your post is a big hit !

    • hahaha. Right?

      No idea what the problem is. Maybe the use of "colored" instead of "persons of color"? Cumberbatch got flak for that. I couldn't care less whether the adjective comes after the noun.

    • You messed up this post single-handedly! It's not longer considered "popular." haha

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    • How is that supposed to be funny?

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    • ^ we're the worst kinds of people (the kind that's able to see duality of comedy and strife).

      Ditto on the lack of hate for Muslims.

    • Not PC, you must die. SJWs attack!

  • Never noticed - I would say it is touch and go whether whites are largest group of users

    • I wonder why you never noticed? Would you have noticed if most of the people were Asians or black?

    • Can't say - It is one of those that you just notice or don't notice

  • Because diversity is expensive.

  • Because white people are usually used for most modelling and happy family scenarios.
    They have the most versatile and inclusive cultures and are considered to be the definition of beauty.
    Advertising companies just love to use white people, its just the accepted thing to do for some reason.

    • So what?

    • So that's the answer to your question.

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  • Why does it matter so much? Maybe the people just thought those pictures represented the categories the best and might not have had the worlds time to still be politically correct. It's just a few pictures -.-

    • I'm not sure if it matters. I think it is at least worth thinking about. I bet if most of the people were Black, Asian, or Indian, for example, people would assume it was a site for them. It is interesting that whiteness is considered universal and unproblematic, unlike other races.

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    • @Asker

      You're not comprehending what I'm saying. You are making a issue out of something that in my opinion is not a issue. Having a website with pictures of white people is not a issue. Just like when i see websites with black people as pictures I have no issue with it. It's not a problem to me. I don't understand why it would be for others as well because as I said, I'm from a predominant black country where I'm used to seeing a different race be regularly featured in media. I'm not "ignoring" anything. I'm stating it as it is. Instead of seeing the race of the person I see them for they truly are which is a human being. Whether you're black or white or Asian or whatever you're a human being like me so why would I complain about seeing pictures of someone from a different race.

    • I simply asked a question. I did not even take a strong position. Maybe I think it is great they are mostly white people. Maybe I think it should ONLY be white people (e. g., white power!). I am not making a issue of anything. If people choose not to answer, then it won't become an "issue." Humans, as you nicely put it, contains all sorts of races. Therefore, if you have a website that claims to be for everyone, it is very unthoughtful to have predominantly one race featured in most pictures. The fact that blacks are predominantly featured in a predominantly black country (South Africa) makes perfect sense; just like featuring Chinese in China makes sense. If, however, your target audience is everyone, it also makes sense to have a better representation of everyone.

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    • Interesting that you choose a white old lady to make your point.

  • First world problems.

    • Spending all your time on GaG to accumulate Xper points is the epitome of a first-world problem, or just a pathetic person.

    • Hahaha, good one. I'm not here for the xper points, I'm here because I don't have a life, and it's not a problem for me! 😉 If you're jealous that's your problem, not mine.
      But I'm not gonna argue with an anonymous.

    • Yes, I'm so jealous I can't spend all my time on GaG.

  • This is a site run by white people, hence white people are used in their picture adverts.

    • The founder of GaG is a Turkish American

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    • Yep, god forbid we white people get a site of our own.

    • @noiseandkissex I'm all for white people getting their own site. White Power!!

  • That's how it is. Crack open any magazine and you'll find the same thing

    • Ebony Magazine is not like that

    • Or Audrey Magazine

    • I mean regular magazines not magazines made specifically for POC. I want you to find the top 5 most popular and most common magazines and flip through them.

  • Eh not a big problem to me. They run this site so...

    • I don't think it's a big problem either... just interesting.

    • I've noticed it too and yes it's pretty interesting huh XD

    • Like I said in comment on this post, I bet if most of the people in TOPICS were Black, Asian, or Indian, for example, people would assume it was a site for them. It is interesting that whiteness is considered universal and unproblematic, unlike other races.

  • Racist and ignorant question. Moving on.

    • Wondering about something about race is racist? I see.

  • That's just how it is everywhere. They might all throw in a token black/Asian, but that's about as far as it goes. They can't do 50/50. Didn't you hear about the backlash buzzfeed got when they did bit on YouTube gurus to follow and it was too black for the readers? People don't like it.

  • How sad do you have to be to count? Get a life

    • I didn't count. You just got that impression whenever I clicked on TOPICS. I counted the non-whites, as I knew if I said "why are they're white people" someone would point to the exceptions.