We found bed bugs at our hotel?

We've been staying at this hotel for about a month. Housekeeping came and changed out sheets about two days or so ago. That night or the night after we started to notice bite marks and itching. We looked under the mattress and we found two bed bugs. We told the front desk lady and she is having someone come by the room today. She claimed that we probably brought them to the hotel from a restaurant or movie theater. Maybe but I don't know. Anyway what should I do about our clothes, tablets, my makeup, hair supplies, and everything else we have?


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  • Run it through a high heat cycle at a laundromat. Do not take it into your house!

    • What about other stuff besides clothing and bedding? Like makeup and tablets and stuff. I heard they get every where.

    • Generally you can inspect them. Just open them up. Canned air, etc will dislodge any since there isn't much to hold on to in a plastic surface. No special treatments are required.

    • Thank you so much!

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  • Oh my goodness that's terrible. If I found bugs in my house I would run away! anyways, there is nothing you can do. Maybe you should go to a different hotel. Make sure you dust yourself and all of your things off before you leave because bedbugs jump on people and go around the world. I watched it in a documentary so it's true. Just make sure there aren't any bed bugs in your suitcases and your things and on you and then leave.