If everybody is encouraged to be proud of their origins and be happy about who they are, why straight white men can't?

First of all, please understand this is not a "hate question", so please do not be angered or something about it. I'm a humanist who believes that we are a single species and the valour of each individual is measured by character rather than anything else.

How do you react to the following statements:

"I'm black and I'm proud of it, my black skin is beautiful and I love my afro hair."
"I'm gay and I'm proud of being gay, I could never live happily if I had to be straight."

And now, how do you react to the same statements, changing some words:

"I'm white and I'm proud of it, my white skin is beautiful and I love my blond hair."
"I'm straight and I'm proud of being straight, I could never live happily if I had to be gay."

Chances are that the first sentences could only have applauses and positive reactions, but the latter probably would have to hear screams of "you homophobic nazi!" and negative reactions.

Why can't we all live together in peace, considering the differences we all have a treasure of humanity, respecting each other?
Why can't we break the vicious circle of hate once for all and accept everybody as who they are?
Why are there so many double standards based on hate?
Why are so many people (who claim to be promoting egalitarianism) having similar attitudes of hate and segregration (they claim to fight against) towards specific groups of people (e. g., "straight white men")?

As said Paul McCartney in his song: "Ebony and ivory live together in perfect harmony, Side by side on my piano keyboard, oh lord, **** Why Don't We? **** "


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  • We're caught up in the past, caught up in pretending (for the sake of political correctness) that whites are the only group who have ever abused or enslaved another group. Slavery continues to this day in certain parts of the world. We could do something about that if we focused our attention there.

    • Personally, I think it's stupid to take pride in things you didn't choose (such as race).

    • I agree with you. Men abused and abuse each other since the stronger (in a given period) realized they could get advantages in exploiting the weaker. To blame all those who are of a particular colour or group for something is just missing the target - easier way, but not solving anything.

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  • Well, unfortunately, straight white men have done a lot of fucked up shit to other groups. Obviously not all of us, I fall into that category as well and haven't knowingly oppressed anyone, and certainly don't want to be perceived as though I have. But in this country, and Canada, and Europe, straight white men have been the de facto ruling class, and there has been a history of some shameful behavior, and that's just our cross to bear going forward. Theoretically, EVERY DAY in America is straight white male day. Nobody ever seems to want to hear that, but that's real. And unfortunately, given our status in society, to celebrate ourselves the way many minority groups do just has a lot of uncomfortable overtones. As many great things as white men have done over the course of history, they're also responsible for a great deal of atrocities. I personally would avoid the topic of history in regards to what white males have been responsible for, there's a lot to be ashamed of as well as proud of. And unfortunately the groups that seem to want to celebrate their whiteness the most are white supremacists. So I'll pass on White History Day, we don't need a rally, we've been "winning" for years at the expense of others. The majority doesn't need to whip up pride amongst themselves, but I can understand where minority groups would want to. And if I go to a Puerto Rican Day Parade or a Gay Pride Parade or whatever, I know they aren't saying "we're better than you", where I feel like a lot of the White People Day Parade WOULD carry that aura. You can thank people like the KKK for that.

    • lol your name is whitesteve!
      also dude, seriously white people have made the world we live in today people should be appreciative of that and not feel guilty about stuff their ancestors did 300 years ago

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    • Agreed bro
      We shouldn't be judged by our skin but our actions

      And white people are awesome lol
      Most of my friends are white, I am Latino
      And white people have shown me kindness that's why I am biased a bit

    • You have good points here, Steve. Though, as far as I've seen, the "better than thou" or "holier than thou" kind of people are not only among the whites, but they're always just a few considering the whole. Imho, If we were to be proud of something at all, to a point of having massive celebrations, these should be related to good achievements and decisions that made the world a better place for everybody. In history, every single nation did bad things against other people, including those who were majorly white being in both positions of oppressors and oppressed.

  • In a word, white privilege.

    I don't care if your surname is not Bush, Astor, Rockefeller, Rothschild or Oppenheimer. If you are white, then somebody in your family less than a handful of generations ago benefited from something horrible being done to Asians, to Africans, to Indians, to Native Americans, to Latin Americans, to Pacific Islanders, To Aboriginal Australians or to Middle Easterners. That benefit, usually leads to an advantage given to your grandparents, and helped them give an advantage to your parents, which eventually filters down to you.

    Some families used this advantage extremely well. Others less well. Regardless, for somebody who's indirectly benefited from one of many many atrocities to then turn around to the decedents of those who have been wronged and say, "I'm a humanist who believes that we are a single species and the valour of each individual is measured by character rather than anything else." is at the very least, ignorant and insensitive.

    • I'm enjoying the debate and, just like you, I am also not white.

      The point of view I expressed in this phrase ("... I'm a humanist...") is what I truly believe in: for me, regardless of anything else, the character is what makes one person worthy, not his/her origins, skin colour and things one could do nothing about. To be kind, do good and respect others are decisions we make.

      If we were all to hate somebody because their great grandfathers generation did atrocities to other people and became more privileged in a given period of history, we could not have civilizations working at all in this world. Practically every single nation in history did atrocities to other nations and exploited them, being white, black, yellow, red or whatever.

      Isn't it about time we all try to overcome this all and hold hands to build a better world?

    • Haha... well then I think you are indeed quite the humanist.

  • White people saw---and some still do see---themselves as the shit.

    And it's obvious that life for white people is easier compared to others.

    There's nothing wrong with pride, although there is always room for overkill, but white people are just the Universal human standard for jerks based off of their privilege through out history.

    Not to say we all didn't and don't struggle, but whites are just reveared either by themselves or others. And they are also frowned upon because they are reveared.

    I wouldn't take any of these personally because in the end, it doesn't matter because we are all the same thing. Just seasoned differently.

  • I honestly haven't time for any of the pride sentiments I would prefer to say I am happy as a individual for who I am

  • since humans evolved we have always feared anything that was different, I think this goes back to when we were still animals and anything that we didn't know was thought dangerous

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