For girls what are the most attractive colors in men (DETAILED) ?

I mean in men what is your most attractive
eye color:
skin color:
hair color:
clothes color on a specific skin:
nails color:
and if there was a color attractive in a specific part of the body what is the color and what is the part EXAMPLE ( red natural lips or pink natural cheeks etc... ) even if the color is unnatural
- for a perfect answer add photos and if you like different colors add them all the best is first


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  • brown hair and eyes pale skin


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  • - light eyes
    - light/tannish skin
    - dark hair (black or brown)
    - doesn't matter, just wear dark suits
    - what? regular? as long as its not jaundiced and yellow?

  • Okay any of these three
    blonde hair
    blue eyes
    white skin
    brown hair
    green eyes
    pale skin
    brown hair/black hair
    brown eyes
    brown skin


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