What do graphic designers struggle most as being freelancers?

What do designers struggle most?What do graphic designers struggle most as being freelancers?


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  • Stuff like mechanical Turk and spec projects, I'd guess.


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  • Finding people willing to actually pay. I did some graphic design work before, got ripped off, won't do it again.

    • yeah agree, getting clients is hard part.

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    • so as far as I can see from your post the hardest part is not getting clients, but getting clients willing to pay the money you're worth right? They just want example something cheap for like 5 bucks (which is not even right price at all) I know logos are from like 400$ up

    • Yeah they think just because I'm capable of making a logo or something in a couple of hours it is only worth like $20 or something. They don't understand that I had to spend hundreds of dollars on the equipment I use and that no one else around even has the same equipment to do that job.

  • Because its not a proper job