Most effective way to learn a language without a prevalent community?

I've been trying to find Arabic classes in my area and people to practice with, however, I can't find either. I've tried watching youtube videos and going on message boards with a heavy Arab demographic, but I can't read the bloody alphabet well enough to actually spell words, and using the English alphabet doesn't exactly work with Arabic.

It's been awhile since I've learned a language, and I'm starting to get frustrated. What are some good methods for a person in my predicament? Shukran!


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  • Buy or loan dvds in that language but subtitled in the same language (for the deaf ) and see a lot of these


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  • There are many good books on Amazon for beginners in Arabic :)

    But are there any Mosques nearby where you live? I don't know the system there but here in the UK mosques in my area do Arabic classes for students who go to read the Quran.
    You can pop in and ask them if they do the same. If they do you can ask them if you can join. I'm sure they won't mind. If they don't do it then you can ask them for more information on who does them, where they do it or how you can learn Arabic.

    Like the auntie who taught me how to read Quran she knows Arabic and every weekend she holds a class where she teaches girls from age 7 to 18 how to learn Arabic

    • Cheers! There's no mosques that I know of around me. The only mosque looking building I know of is a Greek church; I know of a couple of Muslims that live around here that might be able to point me in the right direction.

    • No problem :) You could ask them :)

  • On sites like Gumtree and Craigslist, some people do skills swaps, and some do it with languages. So you could search there or put an add for a fluent Arabic speaker who wants to practice English.
    Other than that, you can go back on the predominantly Arabic sites you went on, and do a post about wanting to learn better Arabic. You can tell them you speak English in case they want to learn something in return for helping you.

  • try rosseta stone.


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