Really want to know my sun and moon rising?

I keep reading about sun and moon risings and how they influence a person's personality more than their regular zodiac sign, but there really aren't any accurate websites to find out what I am. I know a lot of people don't believe in this but please direct my to a good website if you've done this before and know your own specifics :) Thanks a bunch!!


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  • ''but there really aren't any accurate websites''.

    Perhaps bullshit. com? or Nonsense. org? or BollocksWrittenByARetard. co. uk?

    I don't know, Its hard to understand why there isn't any ''accurate'' wesbites given how much of a 100% real and scientifically credible thing Zodiac signs actually are ;)

    • Oh, stop being so skeptical lol :P A lot of studies have been done on this and some people explain why their sun and moons are with such certainty & I wanna join the club, lol :) Feeling left out is all there is to it, ahaha

    • Honestly matey, And im not saying this to insult you or anything, So please don't think i am, but, Zodiac signs are just a complete load of bulshit made by people with mental issues just to make some money in weekly newspaper segments, There is NOTHING real about them.
      I mean, Its easy to say ''oh but i am like my sign'', Yup, Try reading all the other signs and i bet you share almost everything incommon with them too.
      Thats the thing about Zodiac signs and horroscopes, They are so incredibly vague that they apply to everyone, I actually share more in common with other Zodiacs then the one i am. Its bulshit xD.
      Quite simply, The position of the earth within the solar system has absolutely no link whatsoever with the type of person one will grow up to be, Its silly xD.
      These things are more of a ''for fun'' then to actually be taken seriously ;P
      All the best matey!

    • Don't worry I'm not offended or insulted at all, lol :) And I politely beg to differ!! I have read all about the zodiac signs and don't relate to any of them other than my own. I'm well aware that people wanna make money off it and I don't do anything to contribute to that (but I do find them fascinating and very interesting). It's interesting because even the people who don't believe this stuff end up being virtually identical to the characteristics about them. Like sometimes I'll know someone's birthday and look up what sign they are and because of the intimate/personal relationship I have with them I see the traits that are described. I also go into without having preconceived notions & you're right that some things are quite generic. Obviously I don't match up with all the traits of my sign but the majority of them I do :) Just something I love reading about and I'm not suggesting it's perfectly specific but it does cover certain bases that give some ounce of credibility

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  • I recommend
    Go to Free Horoscopes - Extended chart selection and there you can have your birth chart with all that info. If you want to interpret it you'll have to google what each thing means :)

  • there are many good pages if you search on google.

    • I already did that though and every website seemed to give majorly varying results, lol :P