Fellow anime fans, what's your favorite series and/or what are you watching?

Just curious as to what other people are watching or have watched and liked. Can be old or new. I just wrapped up Plastic Memories and will finish Etotama today. I like rom com and slice of life, but I've been known to watch other stuff, too.


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  • I'm currently watching The Flower That We Saw That Day which is a really sentimental, sweet anime about childhood friends trying to grant their dead best friend a wish to allow her to go to heaven, I recommend it. My favourite anime is Parasyte: the maxim, a kinda supernatural horror about creatures that come down to earth, take over a human brain and feed on humans whilst hiding themselves and this one kid's fight to stop them. It's amazing, there's romance in there, so I would definitely recommend that you check it out!

    Here's some recommendations for you:
    - Clannad (my avatar is from Clannad, romance and slice of life)
    - Lucky Star (infamous for being the most boring anime ever, but pretty cute and slice of life)
    - GJ-Bu (slice of life)
    - Ano natsu de matteru (a very interesting rom-com)
    - Kaichou wa Maid-sama (pretty hilarious, a great slice of life rom com)
    - Saint Onii-san (not really what you're looking for, but it's Jesus and Buddha in modern day Japan on vacation, it's hilarious)
    - Sakura Trick (lesbian slice of life)
    - Say I love you (slice of life romantic anime)
    - Your lie in April (super sad, super sweet anime about overcoming your past and achieving your dreams)
    - Toradora! (rom com, slice of life, main female is the epitome of tsundere)

    • Anohana is one of the saddest anime I've ever watched. Oh, the feels. I keep hearing Clannad, really need to get to that one... I've seen some Lucky Star, but not all of it. Your Lie In April was great, and I loved Toradora. But I'll look into the others, thanks! :)

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  • I'm more in to the action kind of anime buuut..
    Attack on Titan
    Sword art online
    Free! Iwatobi swim club
    Fairy tail
    Death Note
    Brothers conflict
    Yona of the Dawn
    (And a bunch of others I'm not even gonna bother listing XD)

  • Try Barakamon. The feels.
    Samurai Champloo
    Gugure Kokkori san
    Cowboy Bebop
    . Hack//Quantum and. Hack//Roots.
    Assassination Classroom
    Rurouni Kenshin
    Durarara (1&2)
    Garo the animation
    Ouran High School Host Club
    Laughing Under the Clouds
    Natsume's Book of Friends
    Just scrolled down my Hulu recent activity. LOL.

    • Going to have to check out Barakamon. Haven't heard of that one. Cowboy Bebop was good, I liked that. I've seen some of Rurouni Kenshin, and I know a little of the. Hack series, but the rest I'll look into. Thanks for the suggestions!

  • I just finished watching "Chihayafuru" and i mean its ok but has SOOO much to do with card games <-< ooh and "Another" which is more thriller/horror than romcom and slice of life but eh :/

  • A lot like
    Diabolik lovers
    Kamisama kiss
    Sasmaki Koto
    Guegre kokkori-san
    Brothers conflict
    Gekkan shojo nozoki-kun
    There's a lot but i can't remember them now 😍😍❤❤


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  • I've pretty much ran out of all the popular anime to watch already, but now I'm on 11eyes (I watch one at a time and binge it). Seems like a persona rip off so far, but hey, persona was good :D

    I used to watch action anime and shonen. But after many hours spent, I had trouble find any more decent action anime, so now I'm watching anything that looks halfway decent. I even watched every Naruto episode including the awful fillers... Dat ninja ostrich though...

    Favorite anime was Stein;Gate. That pacing was crazy and got friggin intense by the end!

    P. S. AGH PLASTIC MEMORIES!!! The feels!

    • Apparently I should watch Stein;Gate now cause everyone likes it lol

    • While it is my favorite anime it actually took me two tries to get into it. I gave up after the first episode lol. It starts really slow for like the first episode, but then suddenly gets faster and faster paced. By the end, you'll be on the edge of your seat.

    • Yeah, Plastic Memories was pretty emotional. Loved it, though. Thanks!

  • Macross/Macross Plus
    A bunch of the Gundam series (I like the older ones more than the newer)
    Cowboy Bebop
    Samurai X
    Yu Yu Hakusho
    Miyazaki films
    Ninja Scroll movie

    I literally could go on with a lot more. Right now I've decided to watch Mobile Suit Gundam 00 but I didn't really like Gundam Seed/Destiny so I don't have my hopes set up too high.

  • This is a good plan.


    And I personally recommend Baccano out of all of these. And Steins;Gate. And FMA:BH.

    • I've played Steins;Gate, never watched the show, though. Thanks!

    • oh, I watched the anime, then played the game, then watched the anime!
      One of my favs, really. The movie was extremely lackluster though, not recommended.

  • I'm waiting for dubbed episodes of Fairy Tail to be released but Dragon is my favorite all-time
    Some of my other favorites:
    Eden of the East
    FullMetal Alchemist:Brotherhood
    Hetalia: Axis Powers
    Hetalia: World Series
    Afro Samurai
    Samurai Champloo
    Blood +
    Attack on Titan
    Tokyo Tribe 2
    Deadman Wonderland

  • Dragon Ball Z is my all time favourite anime. Naruto's been close but Dragon Ball Z is too much. Here's a list I am currently watching:

    Manyu Hiken-cho
    Tenjho Tenge
    Queen's blade
    Senran Kagura
    Hyakka Ryouran

  • I'm currently just watching SAO - Sinon's Ass Online.


  • I've gone off anime recently. It's become less original than the Big Bang Theory, which is saying a lot. Hell, there's only two I'm looking forward to this year and the last one I looked forward to was a major disappointment.

  • Still watching naruto.
    my favorites are
    deadman wonderland
    sword art online (season 1)

  • Apparently the only anime I'm watching is not even considered anime.. It's called "Archer"

  • Naruto was my favourite, but never watched shippudden much. One piece and DBZ were quite addictive too.

    • Never could get into One Piece for some reason. I know it's popular, I watched a few episodes, just didn't do it for me. Not sure why, though. But thanks!

    • I liked Card Captors too, when I was young, it was a little girly but the concept was really nice, and how can I forget Beyblade.

  • I'm about to start watching akira, and I'm trying to find the series

  • I'm still on the boat waiting for Berserk to update... kill me

  • My favourite anime of all time is Angel Beats. I finished watching plastic memories.. watching Ultimate otaku teacher atm.

  • My favourite is Death Note or Pandora Hearts. Right now I'm watching Tokyo Ghoul

    • I've heard Tokyo Ghoul is good; do you like it?

    • I'm actually reading the manga and its one of my top favourites. And I watch/read a LOT of anime/manga