What's the truth about my qualities and interests?

I'm interested to see what other peoples (guys particularly) opinion would be of me. Reason being, once people start getting to know me they seem to disappear..

Here is a bit about myself.

I am 18, and both outgoing and shy (only once I get to know you, will I open up). I can be quite awkward at first, and often stumble on what I will be saying. This gives me anxiety in fact, and lack of confidence. Nevertheless, I don't give up.

I love reading, writing and art is a big passion of mine. The beach is one of my favourite places, in Winter and Summer. A place I can clear my head.

I'm into most genres of music but my favourite is hardcore punk and genres along those lines. Pierce the Veil is my favourite.

I love music festivals, and days spent in the city. I love coffee and chocolate, but hate pizza and seafood.

I live with my mum and brother and I don't really get along with either of them sadly. I spend majority of my time at my friends house, as her family kind of took me in as an adopted daughter.

I hate animal cruelty and smoking, and try to be nice to everyone. In fact, I often let people walk all over me because I don't want to hurt their feelings.

My faults include being a perfectionist, having unstable mentality but keeping it inside, and once I reach the point of over tiredness I can get really excessively loud which some people can't handle.

So be honest, I can most likely handle it, I am just curious.


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  • You seem totally normal to me for a teen


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  • I like you. Don't worry about hurting others feelings. It's better not keeping it bottled. I think it will help stabilize your mentality.


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