Do you think chimpanzees could ever evolve and become smart like humans under the right circumstances?

Like long after the human spiecies dies out and chimps get smarter kind of like planet of the apes


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  • No, and your question is based on evolution. My Beagle dog can count to seven by tapping his paw. While he is intelligent and attempts to communicate with snorting and different sounds he makes, he is limited in what he can do.
    Chimpanzees are also intelligent but they are not a human and if chimps and apes were to evolve, why haven't they done so already? Do you honestly believe you evolved from an ape?
    Well why didn't the other apes evolve?
    GOD created all his creatures. Evolution is a theory that has been scientifically disproved.
    Like it or not, GOD created you. I'm guessing that GOD is really smart in a way we can't understand.
    Start thinking more about GOD and less foolishness, because GOD created you and gave you life and some day you will be judged and stand in front of your creator.

    • Ehh I'm not really religious because the bible talks about splitting seas unicorns and giants there's so many holes in the bible storys ha evolution doesn't say we evolved from monkeys we evolved from a primate like monkeys -_-

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  • Maaaaaybe? It would take sooooooooo long though. Would we even be able to let them? People do dumb things to animals after all.

    • I meant like after the human species dies off so there's no more people left then the chimps evolve lol

    • LOL! So a LOT of things have to happen in your scenario XD

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  • I don't know how long it will take but it could happen

  • Okay so lets say through random mutation a chimp gets another chromosome which makes it smarter and more human like. Who does it mate with now?

  • Its possible

    • It would be crazy ha human bones in musiums and the possibly of chimps having there own religions and stuff ha

    • I know right like can you imagen them driving cars, teaching and being a cop? That would be awesome! xD

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