A few questions relating to the police and their dogs?

Okay so a dog is a dog, it will literally answer to "FuckOff" and do whatever you train it to do. That being said, why are police dogs, damn "K-9 Cops", treated like their people? They eat from a dog bowl, go on walks, are trained to do simple tasks, and are basically your average dog doing what it's told. I like animals and all, but one thing about this is how hitting the dog is considered assaulting an officer and killing it is like killin an officer. Now I love dogs, I do. But if I see a big ass German Shepherd sprinting towards me, and I know its trained to bite, fuck the K-9 Cop vest I'm running like hell, then kicking and saving myself first.

Next, a cop abuses the dog but then its considered animal abuse? I thought it'll be worse if they were considered partners?

Finally, lets say the dog has me and I'm being biten. Now I have a dog and it goes after the police dog because it's trying to protect me. We get my dog off without killing it (though I know the police just gonna shoot and kill the dog, even if it tries to run away) and get the police dog away. In that situation, what will happen? Will I have to put my dog down for trying to protect me? Or lets say the police dog is let off to chase a suspect, but veers off and gets into a fight with another dog. Is it still the other persons fault in that situation or is it different?

I'm just curious because I recently accidentally hit a police dog. Was talking to a friend and swinging my water bottle around and it was wet, just filled it, and don't ask me how cause I've done this before but I accidentally threw it and it hit a police dog, who went crazy and tried coming after us. Friend and I were sitting near an half in the car, but hurried up and got in just in case. The officer went crazy asking what my issue was and I said it was a legit accident, I wouldn't hit a cracked up dog (literally what I said). He told me do it again and I'll be charged with assaulting an officer an left. Friend and I went, "What?"


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  • Double standard stuff
    Its like hitting the police car I guess.. sorta
    Those dogs are property of the police.
    Police get away with plenty of bullshit as you know. If they hit their own dogs, yeah its animal abuse, but most people won't say anything because they dont want any heat themselves.

    And what you did was an accident but many cops are asswholes

    • Stupid double standards these days. I would never hit an animal, but apparently that's a cop just because it has a vest on that says it.

    • Yup :/

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  • that makes no sense.


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  • I like apples:-P

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