What the hell. He doesn't like me but yet he's doing these things?

So theirs this guy. I told him I liked him and all he said was that he was grateful that I felt that way about him but seeing me more than a friend makes him feel uneasy... So that was that. Yet at work he gives our coworker named Luke a dirty look everytime he talks to me. He gets along with Luke very well and me and luke don't flirt. But I've been noticing that he gives Luke a lot of dirty looks when he's talking to me or when he's around me. Yesterday, Luke came to visit me at work and the guy I like came to the counter to see what we were talking about and he kept giving Luke a mean look. Luke has been noticing this as well and we can't pin point on what's happening. So gagers... Tell me what's going on with this guy I like? He doesn't like me but yet he gives my other coworker Luke dirty looks?

The guy I like has never had a girlfriend before so I don't know if that has anything to do with it.
More opinions and input would be very helpful!!


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  • I think your update might be close to the mark - He never had a girlfriend and doesn't know how to handle it - He might like you more than he realises.


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  • He does like you.

    • How come he told me that if he saw me more than a friend then it would make him uneasy?