How did you prepare for GED exam?

Hey, guys! To those who have taken a GED Exam, how did you prepare? What websites did you use, or what books did you pick up? Much appreciated!


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  • I've never taken the GED. The last big test I took like that was the GRE (which at least sort of rhymes, I guess :) ). I can highly recommend the ". . . for Dummies" series of books. I just checked and there's a "GED for Dummies" available.

    The good thing about them is they try to be funny and entertaining, while also giving you the information you need to do well on the test. But because they're funny, they aren't painful to read. They're actually fun. And they work. I did well on my GRE and I'm convinced it was at least in part because of that book.

    Good luck on your GED. My aunt took it and it was no walk in the park, but I bet you'll do great. Take care. :)