Any advice for how to shave without cutting myself?

I'm using disposable razors and every fucking time I shave, I cut my face, is there anything I can do to save my beautiful face from being cut? And don't tell me to grow a beard because I look younger with out it 😂 😂 😂 😂


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  • Make sure that your properly warm and moisturize your skin first.

    You know how you always see in the movies how barbers putting warm, wet towels on their client's face before giving them a shave? That's why.

    Also, use better double edged razors. Disposables are crap and if I ever started wet shaving again I'd never use em.


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  • shave with the hair first. Then shave against the hair. I also use luke warm water to open up the pore and soften the hair for like 10 seconds before starting. If you do get cut, I would use ice cold tap water on it for like 20 seconds.

    You sound like a person with lots of facial hair, if its too long, you should trim it to 0.3cm first then shave. I know I hurt like a mfer, if I try to shave anything above 0.3cm

    • Well basically I shave like every 2 or 3 days now days as it's easier to cut a short facial hair rather than a bush but I still get a lot of cuts despite using a lot of precautions :/ Maybe I should buy those razors which are adjusted to my face however it is? Sounds like a good idea but I'm not sure which one to buy, I heard some new Gillette razers like this came out recently in UK, hmmm...

    • oh I use the 3 bladed disposal razor

  • 1.) use shaving gel
    2.) stop using shitty disposable razors

    • Stop saying I use shitty disposable razors, I use Gillette one anyway.

  • Take your time with it and concentrate, that's it really. Obviously you gotta use enough shave cream/foam/gel to act as a lubricant between skin and razor, don't take massive strokes, go with the grain.

  • Buy a better razor

    • I buy the top brand disposable razors.

    • and it doesn't help much , dafuq O_o.

    • No I mean like a Quattro or Mach razor that's not disposable... be sure to pat your face with warm water prior to using cream. Also try different shave creams... foam... gel... or even buy a device to warm the shaving foam

  • press hard on the skin with the razor
    use shaving cream or soap ti make the surface smooth

    this is what I do

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