What's the purpose of working hard if a job is only going to let you go?

I keep hearing or reading that hard work pays off, but in reality it doesn't. I worked at a law firm for a year and a half, the first few months were fine but then it just went downhill about 10 months into the job. Anyway, 3 people quit the team within less than 2 months, and I was presented with a new opportunity preparing legal documents. I was excited because I was moving away from clerical work and into a legal assistant role, even though I have a certificate in Paralegal studies, but I was excited non the less. I sat with the person that was leaving for two das for training and I sat with the team leaf

lead on three other separate occasions to train. During this time, we were getting a new mailing system and she got demoted but was training 4 other people. While I was still in training, they had me training a new hire on the function that I was doing because it was going to be me and her preparing the document. I had to train her on preparing the document and mailings which took about two months to do, all while I'm still in training. Training her took away from me actually preparing some of my documents and my percentages were not were they should have been because I was only doing 7 when initially I was doing about 20 a day. Fast forward a few months later, I'm receiving emails daily to prepare documents from the new team lead, the person that sat behind me, and another team because some of them were prepared incorrectly. Who prepared them incorrectly? The former team lead. A few weeks later, I'm getting accused of purposely messing up documents by the manager and HR. I asked them, "why would I purposely mess up the documents when I would only have to do them again?" Who wants to do double work? They told me they were going to investigate to see if I was telling the truth. They called me back in the office the next day and said that I was telling the truth. Three weeks later, they let me go.

I have more to tell but cannot fit it all, ple


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  • It sounds like the firm you worked for was hella shady.


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  • Part of the problem of modern capitalism. They've made it clear they'll let almost anyone go when it's convnenient for the company, and then they act shocked that people show no loyalty to the company, nor will they work hard.

    You're quite justified in feeling this way

  • I hope it didn't come as a complete shock to learn that lawyers are douchebags.

    And of course most politicians are lawyers.


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