Tell Some legendary or Mythical Creatures From Your Culture ! ?

Also Tell a Short Story About them if You can.
I'm Norse. Mine Are Elves And Dwarves. 😊

We also have Trolls and Goblins 😉


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  • This is an Italian folklore. My mother is Italian and when she was young she was told about Befana

    An old witch called Befana would fly around the world on a broomstick , she would fly down chimneys to deliver candy and presents to children who had been good during the year

    For those who have fallen a bit short of model behavior, Befana would leave lumps of coal. (Realizing that no one can be perfect for a whole year, these days Befana often leaves a sweet made from black sugar which represents the ("lump of coal")

    La Befana has been an Italian tradition since the XIII century. Instead of Santa Claus Italian children believed in Befana

  • I don't really have a culture as far as I know.


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