Shall I tell my guy friend about him?

I have strong feelings for guy A , but he's a player and I need to move on. My other guyfriend (guy B ) no feelings for him, he is a cool guy to talk to,( schoolfriend)

Shall I tell guy B about how Im feeling, like just to get it out of my system and have a guys point of view?

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Or will he think I'm weird, that I'm telling him about another guy?


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  • He's your friend, if you trust him I think you can tell him if you want to.

    • Its just I've never spoke to him about something like this before

    • Tell him you're doing it because you trust him or because you want a a point of view from a man if you think that it'll be weird. There's always a first time for everything, isn't it?

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  • No don't mess with guy B's feelings


What Girls Said 1

  • ... He is a cool friend to talk to,(schoolfriend
    It seems with "B" you can talk about anything under the sun with this one... He seems like someone who is 'Cool' and will not make you look like A... Fool.
    Make him feel flattered by telling him you need His point of view for he appears smart and a little advice from a friend is needed right now.
    Don't keep bringing up the Same subject, keep it light and semi sweet and then move on to some other subjects you both have in common or something he may want to talk a bout.
    Good luck. xx

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