How long will my cheek be little puffy after wisdom teeth extraction?

It's been over a week almost 2 weeks and one side of my cheek is little bit swollen still and feels little numb on the bottom. I got all 4 of them taken out and wondering when will it be completely gone?

Also I got checked last tues and dentist said everything seems fine no infection and able to eat normally.


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  • I can remember mine being sore for a good 3 weeks. I had some swelling too, but I can't remember how long that lasted though. That is a fair amount on trauma on the mouth. I would say it is normal still to be slightly swollen. Is it still really sore? Can you eat normally yet?

    • It's not that sore I can eat normally

    • If there is still some slight soreness I would say there will also be some slight swelling as well. It will be different patient to patient and it will also depend on how difficult the removal was. Mine were impacted and had to be crushed or broken up to get out. It was sore for a while. I would say as long as you see gradual improvement you are going to be just fine. If the soreness and/or swelling stalls for a few days you should see someone.

    • Mine was the same it was impacted, thank you

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