Temptation 7” vs Temptation 12”. Which version do you prefer?

Another music battle:



I’d go wid 7”…. like da drummin in this one.

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  • You're killing me with this question. Love it. Saw Peter Hook and the Light play this track in April. (Seven inch version. :) ) Which--by the way--see them if you can, they're touring worldwide. Peter's son plays bass in the Light and is now going to play with Smashing Pumpkins.

    I'll go for the seven inch. For me this is not one of the NO tracks that demands the longer version (like "The Perfect Kiss").

    • I liked TPK longer version more tbh. Evem sub-culture's 12" mix was good, but many fans hated it for some reason

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    • Thanks, man.

      Yeah I love Raise the Pressure too, especially Freefall and Visit Me. Those are the ones I go back to most often. :)

    • mine would b "until the end of time" and "if you got love"

      u r welcome :)

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  • I agree the 7 is better right up your alley with the synth

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