Why do people act like this?

For example there's two people in this equation
person A: is in school right now to earn his bachelors degree, is currently working a full time job, others would describe them as responsible and an all around great person. They're 18 years old.
person b: they're 22, aren't in school, and work about 2 jobs and others would describe them as a great person as well. And make it a point to say to person a that they're making more money than them and are about to go to school to earn their degree. They are a bit of an asshole, they like to make person a feel like they're better off in life and are more successful despite the fact that person a is a hard worker and is doing fantastic. they are ahead of person a in a few ways, they have more work experience, they have their own place and their own car. But person a is young and is about to get all of those things.

my question is psychological, why the hell do most normal people feel like they have to prove to everyone how fantastic they are? And why do people actually think that proving to everyone how smart and hardworking they are automatically makes them so? I feel like the smartest person in the room is the person who doesn't feel the need to prove their accomplishments to look for some sort of faulty validation. In all honesty though, I see this everyday.

And yes I do realize me posting this is an oxymoron of sorts.


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  • One's value in society is imperative. The knowledge that you are worthless and replaceable and no one gives a flying fuck about you agitates your core.

    • You actually act like person B.

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    • Ehh no I get it I really do. I guess that where you and I differ, I'd rather live my life and have people forget I even existed yet still lead a very happy and fulfilling life. It isn't about looks, where you went to school, how much money you make. As long as you're happy and surrounded by things you just adore and people you feel of use of then you're alright. Most days I want others to forget I'm here and I guess that's the thing, most people just want to prove they're alive.

    • Ironically that is the "common man's mantra" where he states he just wants to be forgotten and live in peace yet does everything possible to do the opposite. He states that things don't matter and yet speaks of a fulfilling life? The Common Man wants the direct opposite of that mantra; humans do best when they are recognized for their contributions, when they are surrounded by close friends and loved ones, and when they have resources (such as money) at their disposal.

      You're young so I can't impress upon you the realities of human adulthood but I promise you how much you make, how many people you know, and what you do are all meaningful. Also things drastically change when you hit true adulthood and stop going to school; in general making friends is significantly harder, managing money requires real effort, and being recognized is almost unheard of. Even one's "dream job" can turn out to be nothing like one imagined. It's hard.

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  • Its because many people operate by the principle that if you don't have money and status, you aren't worthy of respect.


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